Yeah it’s a new year, although we are way into the end of February, but well, the year is still fresh. Most people get overly excited about starting a new year without actually making a plan for the year. Some make plans, “New Year, new me blah blah blah”, and after the first two weeks or one month of the year, they go like, “what the heck! “, and that’s the end of new me, lol.

I have come up with a simple strategy to make plans for a year and stick to the plans. Like seriously, you don’t have to go about announcing the New Year and new me thing. The first step is to pick a single word to define how you want your year to be. Focus on your thoughts, ideas and goals for the year, that way you can pick a word for your year.

Pick a word that touches every area of your life you need to work on and use that word as your guide throughout the year. Whenever you feel you are drifting away from your plans, that single word should put you back on track and keep you going.

Your word for the year could be IMPROVE. Your goal for the year could be to:

Improve your business: This could entail that new business you want to start, or that area of your already existing business that needs more touch. Also getting more ideas on how to expand your business and take it to the next level.

Improve your career: You could go after that better Job you have been longing for. Send applications, pray and remain hopeful to achieve what you desire.

Improve your relationship: This could be your relationship with God, your family, colleagues, business partners or even neighbors.

Improve your personal life: You might have a desire to improve some certain areas of your life that are not listed above. Probably to improve your eating habit, the way you spend and save, your dress sense or anything else.

Improve your social live: You might also decide to improve your social life, example, the way you relate with people, the kind of friends you keep, the kind of places you go to, the things you do and even your activity on social media.

From the little breakdown above, you can touch several areas of your life with just the word improve. So whenever you start going away from the plan just think of the word improve and you are back on track. For example, you have the urge to eat a certain food that goes against your diet plan, just think of the word improve, you have a goal to improve your eating habit and you will do all to improve it. You can even go as far as writing the word on a piece of paper and pasting it somewhere you can easily see it and get reminded of your plans.

I will not tell you my word for the year, pick your own, sorry, lol.

This strategy works for every year, so even with several years to come, this strategy has got you covered.

All you need to do is to pick a word for that particular year based on the things you want to achieve, stick to the word throughout the year and watch yourself succeed.