Imagine living in a world where technology does not exist, the world would be a dark, cold and empty place to live in, we would have gone back to learning how to adapt to a new way of life but with the incredible breakthrough in technology; life has become so much more comfortable, easy, dynamic, and fast.

Innovation in modern medicine is helping in providing patients with the best possible care to live a healthier and longer life. Imagine what a single potable device “Smartphone” can do; take pictures, record/transmit live audio/video, play audio/video, make/receive calls, measure distance, use as a remote control, as VPS (Visual Positioning System replacing GPS), send text messages, for safety, scan QR codes, search photos by category, diagnose a Car troubles, start a Car, play favorite show on your TV, measure blood alcohol content, monitor heart rate, etc.

Technology provides individuals and organizations with better resources to enhance their learning. Today, a lot of schools and organizations throughout the world are equipped with technology in their classrooms and training centers to help in their teaching/training. One of such technological invention is the SmartBoard. Before the advent of SmartBoard, schools and corporate institutions had long green boards that teachers, presenters, trainers, etc. used to write on using chalk, known as chalkboards, now with the SmartBoards, teachers, presenters, trainers, etc, can write on them with special pens, they also have features similar to a regular computer; they can pull up websites or videos to show. Presently, our company; Technology House Limited has a new advance product call; Smartpro Multimedia Interactive System. A new state-of-the-art robust projector with Inbuilt Computer, Interactive Board, and High Definition display system, Audio Speakers, Stylus Pen, and Document Camera.

This innovative teaching-aid and presentation equipment is ideal for institutions of learning (primary, secondary, tertiary, research centers and offices); in-lecture halls, conference halls, and classrooms, office environment, etc. This innovative product is guaranteed to enhance the way lectures/teachings are conducted, presentations & seminars are delivered. It is the world’s first interactive projector that comes with an inbuilt computer, document camera, motion presenter, PAS, stylus pen and much more.


Advanced Projection

• Ultra-Short Focal Length (short Throw) Projection Technology to Prevent Projection Image Blocked by the Presenter

• Built-in interactive optical-electronic whiteboard can be projected on any white wall or curtain without the need for any additional electronic devices.

Highly Integrated (All in one Design)

• HD short focal length projector

• Microsoft windows PC, Intel Core i3, 4gb, 500gb HDD

• Interactive optical whiteboard with no need for a whiteboard. It comes with a stylus pen for writing.

• High wattage stereo amplifying system (20wx2)

• 3 megapixels document camera with rotatable folding support to provide easy camera direction and height adjustment (for desktop model only)

• Document Camera – presentation can be done using printed documents

• Smooth handwriting and high precision, better than marker/chalk.

• Display size up to 300” HD

• Inbuilt Public Addressing System

Other Important Design

• Heat Radiation Duct Design

• Dust-proof Design

Flexible Connectivity

• Proprietary wireless remote streaming software allows up to 253 users to seamlessly switch between presenters (Optical)

• Keyboard / Mouse can be connected via USB port or wirelessly

• A laptop or other video source can be connected via HDMI Port to project HD video and audio with a single cable.

In the age that we all are living, technology and knowledge are advancing at an astronomical rate. However, it would be unwise for one to decide to limit his exposure to technological advancement because it will be the difference that one makes towards a better tomorrow.

Taking everything into account, innovation has influenced our lives profoundly, without it; our lives would have been difficult to live, isolated, and primitive.